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Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

Democrat, Arizona


Vote for Children


Bills Introduced


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Actions Against the Interests of Children

Sen. Sinema represents a state with a child poverty rate of 20.1 percent. 8.1 percent of children in this state are in extreme poverty, 21.3 percent are food insecure, and 8.4 percent lack health insurance. During the 116th Congress, Sen. Sinema has taken 1 vote that would help the children in her state. She has introduced 0 bills and cosponsored 5 bills to help children. Sen. Sinema has taken 0 actions in support of legislation we believe to be against the interests of children.

CDF has endorsed several bills during this Congress. So far, Sen. Sinema hasn’t taken action on any bills endorsed by CDF during this Congress.