Legislative Report Card


The Children's Defense Fund Action Council's non-partisan Legislative Report Card takes a comprehensive look at the legislative work each Member of Congress has done on behalf of our children.

This is the first evaluation of legislators we have produced in nearly a decade. Until 2011, CDF produced scorecards based on votes alone, the way most legislative scorecards are still put together. We discontinued our scorecard after 2011 because there were fewer votes to score and what votes were taken for children often involved disparate pieces of legislation grafted onto omnibus bills. We no longer felt we could put together a meaningful document with so few data points.

For the 116th Congress, we've tried something different. We took time to learn how political scientists quantify legislative action and applied those lessons to create a new kind of legislative scorecard, which we’re calling our Legislative Report Card. In our new model, Members of Congress get credit for sponsoring, cosponsoring or voting for legislation that would help children in America.

Learn more about our Report Card methodology and the bills we included in our evaluation here, or start exploring the CDF Report Card below.

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Once you’ve learned how your Members of Congress score, send them all an email to let them know you’ll be tracking their actions.

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